Grifters, Liars, Creeps – Creepy Carl Arriaza and Back the Blue Stop the Steal MAGA Thanksgiving at the Trump Tower BS

Well, the election is over, but the fascist creep will not go quietly into the night.


Creepy Carl Arriaza is at it again. Since his racist sexist fascist gun group IGOT was deplatformed from FB and was megadoxxed by Anne Frank Army, Carl has been quiet until his associates in Back the Blue Events started doing Stop the Steal events. They have one set for Thanksgiving at the Trump Tower. Since Shield Wall Chicago and other antifascists have decided to hold a noise demo counterprotest, Creepy Carl has been reverting back to his stalker bully ways, harassing and intimidating activists, even going as far as visiting peoples homes and filming videos of himself doing it, and then bragging about it on social media. He is also claiming to be acting as security along with the Proud Boys and Homeland Security for the Stop the Steal event, while the organizers by not condemning his threats are giving implied consent or at the very least acting as bystanders to this monster.


We believe that Carl, along with Ashley Ramos, James Anderson, and Emily Cahill of Back the Blue Events / Protest the Protesters, all of whom are organizers of the Trump Tower Stop the Steal rally, are complicit in the right-wing doxxing account Kyle’s AR-15 and bystanders to Carl’s creepy stalking. They are all among the most vocal supporters of Kyle since the beginning, having hosted and attended numerous pro-Kyle rallies, outside his jail and outside his court dates, rallying alongside militias and proud boys. They are also the first people to follow the Kyle’s AR-15, who posted names and addresses of people that have been counter-protesting them at various locations, so it looks like they are just doxxing people that stand up to their bullshit. Judging by their targets for doxxing, the fact that they all followed the account at the moment it was created, and the type of information that was released, it is clear that these four individuals were at the very least corroborators with the doxxer and provided information, and at the most the persons behind the keyboard. Kyle’s AR15 activity coincided with Carl Arriaza rampage. His stalking activities include online harassment, doxxing, sharing videos he takes while showing up at activists’s houses, threatening deadly violence.

Em Cahill, Ashley Ramos, and James Anderson have long been associates of Carl Arriaza, and were even members of the IGOT facebook group. Here they are at the Rittenhouse Rally organized by IGOT, posting up with Remy del Toro of the Proud Boys, and Shawn Canning of the We The People 3% Militia (more on these fucks here).

??, Carl Arriaza, Ashley Ramos

Shawn Canning, Jimmy Bolf, Remy del Toro, unnamed PB

unnamed PB, Remy del Toro, James Anderson

Remy del Toro and Shawn Canning

They have been getting into right wing trouble with Proud Boys and militia members all summer and fall.

This is a recent picture of Remy del Toro posing with a gun 11-18 with his Pissboy buddies in Waowatosa, WI, taking a picture in front of the Mayfair Mall, just one day after a mass shooting by a 15 year old who was just arrested the day of this writing. Buncha Wannabe Nazi Brownshirts, these pathetic and embarrassing #pissboys.

Em Cahill also is a bit of an alt-righter. She pretends not to know what this stuff is, and while her playing stupid is convincing to some, but the people and organizations she associates with say she is a knowing and prolific active member of the alt-right community. They deny they’re racist, but it is obvious that they are, and they actually know they are but obscure their shit so its plausibly deniable aka the OK White Power hand gesture. Fellow grifter Nick Fuentes tows the same line, although he admits he is a racist while denying he is a white supremacist.

Em retweets Nazi Nick Fuentes. More on this Illinois Nazi by comrades in Chicago Antifascist Action.

IT IS SAID that we as antifascists who dox are participating in online bullying. But, we post people’s faces and select information for the purposes of alerting the community of racist, sexist, dangerous fascists, and where they will be publicly gathering for the purposes of people’s safety and ability to organize counterprotests. With the right-wing doxxing account, Kyle’s AR-15, their purpose was to harass and intimidate. They do it to terrorize their political opposition. And immediately after KYLEAR15 started dropping info, Carl comes in and starts with the harassment. Here is a more complete series of transgressions and evidence of Carl Arriaza’s creepy stalking and hyper-illegal intimidation.




Here he is actually offering a bounty to others who he wants to harass and intimidate activists who would counterprotest the stop the steal.



Stop the Steal itself is a fascist coup, a grift, an un-democratic movement (not that America is a ‘democracy’). Everyone involved in it is a right wing shamster. These are Em, Ash, and James’s colleagues, Infowars nuts Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, Ali Alexander, the Illinois Neonazi Nick Fuentes, and Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys. They were at DC at the million maga fuckfest, and most recently Atlanta to protest the recounting and demanding a ‘special session’ to garner ‘faithless electors’ which has never been done and would not change the results anyway. But these same fucks have been all over the country in an Infowars tank as the astroturfing grassroot Trump coupsters, these fucking grifters.


Militias and boogaloo bozos are all up in the Stop the Steal, LARPing a civil war.

Both Ali ‘Alexander’ (alt last name Akbar’) are actually both felons, and Em has an active case for selling meth and possessing guns. Everyone knows that the biggest bootlickers are the biggest criminals.

Em Retweeting Creepy Carl Arriaza’s meme about intimidating protesters, after being warned about Carl’s creepy stalker shit.

Em and Ashley posing with other stop the steal fucks, the Milk and Cooks twins, shitty self-proclaimed ‘semi-famous’ MAGA edmsters, shown here doing the White Power OK hand sign. They have been out doing these stop the steal rallies along with the crew, and even performed with Bryson Gray and other MAGA fucks at the GOP Jamboree.

Furthermore, Em Cahill and stop the steal are based in deep-seated ridiculous conspiracy theories like the ones touted by recently fired from Trump and Giuliani’s legal team, Sydney Powell. I mean, look at this shit.

The doxxer KylesAR15 also tweeted “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” so this is a possible identifier with Em Cahill, who commented and contributed with pictures of some of the people who were doxxed.

If anyone has taken any screenshots of the KYLE AR15, or have any tips on these or other Chicago (OR MIDWESTERN) fascists, shoot us a kite at

Sometimes social distancing, always antifascists!!!!