“Self Defense is Not A Crime” rally in support of Kyle Rittenhouse

The child soldier, Kyle Rittenhouse of the fascist pro-cop Blue Lives Matter movement who gathered with a number of other white militiamen in Kenosha, who murdered two protesters and injured another is currently held at the Robert W. Depke Juvenile Complex Center in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

On Saturday, September 5th, various chicagoland Blue Lives Matter groups held a rally outside the jail to show their support for Kyle.

The organizations / facebook groups who organized this is Back the Blue Events, Illinois Gun Owners Together(IGOT), Protest the Protesters, and Self Defense is Not A Crime. 

Notable is the recent facebook ban on posts that support Kyle or say “freekyle”, however, we are noticing that many posts are not coming down, and definitely not quick enough for these blue lifers to garner support for Kyle via various livestreamers. Many of Kyle’s supporters have changed the hashtag from “:freekyle” to “KyleFreedom”

At this rally, interestingly, there was a Black Lives Matter activist from Lake County, who tried conversing with these fucks, but the blue meanies definitely ganged up on him while claiming to be peaceful and tolerant of debate and discourse. The protesters semi-circled and aggressively mouthed their all lives matter views every time the guy said anything about black lives. Their movement denies their racism, yet they side-eyed him the entire time and….it was just a really stupid conversation, you can check their livestreams on their FB if you want to see it.

While Blue Lives Matter rallies in Chicago do not usually end up in violence, except at Homan Square where cops attacked a crowd of protesters as they were burning a thinblueline flag. But so far, back the blue is mostly organizing in the suburbs and rural parts of Illinois and rarely in the city. In comparison, Chicago has not seen too many c, asmany cities throughout the country right right now, trumpies are regularly open-carrying automatic weapons at rallies and are engaging in street battles with protesters, we do believe that they are most definitely a potential threat, as they are defending Kyle’s actions, and are becoming increasingly more active as election season is now in full swing. These racists are actively preparing for a civil / race war. We feel it is important to note who the people who make up this movement in the Chicagoland area, because that is where we are from and it is here where we must be ready to confront them and shut down their rallies wherever they go. We believe by doxxing them, we may discourage them from choosing to continue mobilizing their base and spew their hateful viewpoints.

There is much information on these individuals publicly available with google searches, if you feel a need to alert your communities about these vigilante nutjobs.

Here are the shameful fucks who organized this rally. Here is their livestream, watch with care. Check the comments – the names of all the internet cretins who posted “Free Kyle” must be remembered!

Call out these people if you know them, those who support white militias openly shooting protesters in the streets. They must OWN up how they defended and raised money for racist and vigilante violence. If you know any more information about these poor saps on the wrong side of history, send info to shieldwallchicago@cryptolab.net.


Carl Arriaza and John Coyne, Admin / Founders of Illinois Gun Owners Together (IGOT)

Carl Arriaza
Personal Facebook
very active on his Twitter @carlarriaza
Carl has spoken at a number of Back the Blue Events recently, including the one at Homan Square Black Site.

Carl also runs the facebook group, Self Defense is Not A Crime, and they helped organize this rally, with pro-militia messaging
Heres a video of him talking about organizing this protest.
Here is his truck. Some say he does geeksquad or related tech work. He loves aliens, apparently. If you ever see his car, as our dark lord says, “do as thou wilt!”


John Coyne

Personal Facebook
Twitter @extremekaraoke

Look at this full on boogaloo boy type. Yeah, John went out to support a child soldier dressed in the current fascist fashion of white-supremacist militia dads. He wasn’t the only one dressed in a Hawaiian shirt either, which has become a trend in militia gatherings across the country at protests, where they intimidate, assault, and kill protesters, like the fool this guy went out to rally for on this day. He spoke: heres what he said, “Were here for Kyle he’s across the street, being held on a 2 million dollar bail(unverified). I hope he hears us, we’re here for Kyle, we’re here because Kyle’s life Matters, Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Immigrant Lives Matter. Justice for Everyone including Kyle.”

Rumor has it he sings on wednesdays at some northwest suburban bar.


Co-Organizers / Notable Attendees

Ashely Ramos

Personal Facebook
Ashley is the founder of the group Back the Blue, who we have previously doxxed. Here she is wearing a don’t tread on me shirt, typical racist attire. She literally lives and breathes the Blue, sucking in all the toxic fumes of those she surrounds herself with, gun nuts, Q ANON wackadoos, and would-be republican politicians (somehow they keep speaking at her rallies, despite what a bad scene it has become). Above she is seen standing in a burnt out building in Kenosha, where she visited recently along with Emily Cahill(which was a violation of her bond) and her husband James Andrews for a photo op for her racist facebook group.


James Andrews

Personal Facebook

James, or Jim is married to Ashley Ramos(above), and comes out to all the Back the Blue Events events. Jim brags about how he took an antifa flag at the Homan Square Black Site rally in which he attended, but actually, the cops took it and gave it to him. Jim don’t fight his own battles. He hides behinds the pigs.

Jim recently got kicked off as a coach of a local football team, but because he posted Support Kyle Rittenhouse #freekyle on his facebook, and the board asked to either remove the posts or step down as a coach….and this guy felt so persecuted, he may have gone too far when he told them to “go fly a kite”. His wife Ashley(also present), resigned as member of the board. Hilarious how hardheaded these racists are, that they would make great sacrifices in their own life for their divisive vigilantism perspectives on law enforcement.

In his fb comments, he eludes to having connections to Proud Boys, Sons of Liberty, and 3 percenters, the white supremacist militia that advocates for a civil war.

Emily Cahill /  Protest the Protesters
Personal Facebook
Protest the Protesters facebook

Emily is a true wingnut, a troll in real life. Emily is basically devoting all of her time to to supporting blue lives matter protests and heckling Black Lives Matter protests from the sidelines, hiding behind police lines usually, but sometimes rolling right up to the protests to antagonize the crowd, filming protesters. She has a good amount of followers on her Protest the Protesters fb, as she livestreams most everywhere she goes. She’s your typical All Lives Matter, #KyleFreedom type. She does repost some videos of various militias including recent white supremacist militia gatherings in Louisville. She recently has gone to Kenosha and St. Louis with the Back the Blue crew on a pro-cop road trip, which is actually a violation of the terms of her bond, as she was arrested for drugs and guns this year. Not that we care where she goes, because as anarchists, we don’t believe in borders or prisons, but she does, and is perfectly fine with others going to jail for breaking laws, so we say if she lives the law so much, she should just turn herself in for violating the terms of her bond, right?

It is disgusting, the practice of posting people’s mugshots, which amounts to doxxing vulnerable and criminalized poor people of color in their hardest moments. But, in the interest of highlighting the special kind of bootlicking irony present with this situation, we post hers. It’s funny that this specimen is about supporting police when she herself finds herself arrested for drug and gun charges. We don’t possess the sort of retributive schadenfreude to get satisfaction on the possibility that she might end up back in prison for this shit, but we do hope she finds a way to recover from her addiction or other issues she has going on in her life which is poisoning her mind and stoking the violent authoritarianism and racism enambling this cognitive dissonance. However, her and her ilk are all about keeping criminals behind bars and eliminating the ‘revolving-door’ bond reform policies of Kim Foxx, which would actually benefit Emily, so, should she end up with the same fate as those she demonizes, we would not be losing any sleep over. Heres her mugshot and her next court date, in Rockford, where local antifa have created an event page just for her court date on Tuesday, in Galesburg , IL. If you see her, ask how her court date went.

Richard Poisso

Personal Facebook
Instagram the_keto_mechanic
We’ve covered this guy extensively in our previous posts, as he works closely with Back the Blue Events, oftentimes under the guise of acting “security”, he claims as part of TRT defense(which doesn’t operate in Chicago), although he says that he is ‘usually’ not armed. He has connections to 3 percenters in Louisville who protest Breonna Taylor protests and often square off with the black militant NFAC.

He also hosts the fb group Illinois Patriots , another blue life network and co-host of this #KyleFreedom rally. They mostly do do ‘activism’ about ending children trafficking, however, the rallies they hold are indistinguishable from Blue Lives Matter rallies (more below), and the only content made available at these rallies are QANON conspiracy theories about Democrat pedophile rings.. He is also a covid denialist, his instagram is full of meat, and he works as an auto mechanic somewhere out by Glen Ellyn, where he lives.

Not that we are interested in giving this idiot any more of a platform, but he has a youtube channel that while it does not attract a large audience, he is prolific in his ramblings and musings about BLM / ANTIFA conspiracies and protests, where he also goes over, in detail, defenses of the murder of Breonna Taylor and calls George Floyd a pathetic waste of life, yet he defends Kyle Rittenhouse from every imaginable angle. He also rants about QANON and even has a Q in his FB profile picture. He loves to talk about diversity(in a very weird way) in ‘his’ movement, although it’s almost all white people at protests he attends.We only recommend it to people who have an interest in getting into the mind of a racist suburban conspiracy theorist morphing into a full blown fascist.


<–“PURE” tattoo
<–Boogaloo Boy

Here are some facebook comments from their livestreams – all the FREE KYLES


Also this weekend was a “End Human Trafficking / Back the Blue” rally as well in Plainfield on Sunday, organized by Illinois Patriots , attended by Back the Blue Events.
This is a white power symbol he is flashing
heres a link to a video of their ugly faces up close.

Does this look like a rally to support kids or ending human trafficking? One banner says – “TRUMP 2020 – FUCK YOUR FEELINGS”

Actually at the root of Blue Lifers interest in ending human trafficking comes from a Q ANON conspiracy theory that the democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton, are behind a child sex trafficking ring, which is evidenced by people in the crowd with a “Q” flag, and the organizer of this event Richard Possoi, who frequently talks about “the enlightenment which is QANON”.

Fuck blue.

To dig deeper into punisher / blue line / cop vigilantism heres a helpful vid.