“Space Cowboy” AKA #AllBlackBabyThor

This Schaumburg Proud Boy’s name has yet to be identified. But it is known that he rolls with Remy del Toro at various rallies, most especially at the rolling Schaumburg Golf and Meechem rallies until the very end, more on those here.

On Jan 6th  “Space Cowboy” came loaded for bear and ready to riot with a plate carrier, a flagpole with “We the People / Melon Labe” with engraved runes, a radio communicator, mace, and the Thor’s hammer necklace we used to identify him(this is a symbol appropriated by white nationalists). But he also wore a helmet purchased at fellow Schaumburg Proud Boy “Gun Show” Greg Tanacea’s at his website 2AGunshow.com. Meaning, Gunshow Greg is complicit as well in the DC riots by supplying equipment to members of the violent fascists Proud Boys, in which he himself is also a member, more on him here.

Stay tuned for more info on this soon to be identified loser right wing coup piss boy, but check out photo gallery of him here and these videos here at 23:09 and here the whole time, here at 1:54 and here as well.

Check out our gallery on Chicago / Schaumburg Proud Boys here


Plenty of pictures of Space Cowboy in the helmet he bought from fellow PB, “GunShow” Greg Tanacea at his 2Agunshow.com website.


He was talking to this fellow for quite some time at Jan 6

Here is Space Cowboy in a red truck with Remy del Toro.  Below, he is at various rallies around chicago, mostly in Schaumburg