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The Suburbs are Rising Up

spooky Trump thing, and the Proud Boy “OK” White Power salute, mugs of these chuds

Sorry we do so much reporting on the ongoings of Trumpies in the suburbs. But that’s because that is where the fascist right wing coup is going to be coming from in the Chicagoland area. And that is where they are planning to make their hill for their precious Civil War: every blue lifer agrees – Save the Suburbs – from the BLM and Antifa rioters shutting down the cities.

WE could and should shut down the cities, if 45 actually calls a civil war. The anti police rebellion  that was set off with the racist murder of George Floyd this spring led to a fiery summer of protest nationwide that has shook the pillars of stability of the dying empire. With the presidents violent sociopathic indifference and negligence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposed just how vulnerable and hollow a society capitalism creates, there is no doubt – we are in the fall now, the fall of the state. We have the numbers and the momentum – will it be enough to stop Trump’s coup? Will we have a winter of prolonged war, like these Militia LARPers crave?

Election fuckery is all but guaranteed. Even though it looks like Trump is in his death rattles, he is not finished yet. He is poised to claim fraud and declare victory and shut down the counting of votes. And then his traitors to democracy, the Armyfortrumpers, Proud Boys and Militiamen, Threepers, ‘Patriots’, the Wolverines Watchment and Operation Wolves, the Chuds will come out of the woodworks to defend their glorious leader. They have been preparing for this. And they are heavily armed and Want Stupid Prizes. This is their 15 minutes and every one of them has their blood running red yt and blue, ready, willing, and craving some action.

And here they are, in plain sight, every single weekend day with caravans and rallies, standing by. They run them like operations; they openly converse about a civil war just teetering beyond the point of speculation. They are getting organized, networking and training. They have warned Chicago antifascists to “assume we’re carrying”. They talk about Concealed Carry Weapon and brag they are legally carrying, as if we care that its legal they have guns, as if they themselves care that they must be carrying legal, as often 2A gun-nut boogaloos will open carry in defiance of state laws. For they are vigilantes who operate outside the law even though they claim to support it. With all the thinly veiled racist and blue lives fascist imagery on full display, they announce themselves to the world that they are ready to fight for Trump if / when he plays a stupid game like a coup de ‘etat.


Although it seems there are too many trump rallies to count in the burbs these days, these are just two rallies livestreamed by a MAGA chud a couple weeks back, where we get to see a gaggle of Proud Boys in their traditional fashy garb.  Thank you Kevin for getting us an inside peek at the PB who go to these rallies. We wouldn’t have been able to find em without you.


Kevin Lyons AKA HVAC_tech on Twitch, a union pipe fitter, livestreamed two rallies last weekend – 10/10 and 10/11, in Schaumburg and Lockport.


He has a “We the People” tattoo, which is a slogan touted and tatted frequently by 3% Militia, although its uncertain Kevin as specific connections to the group…But he did get this tattoo at “The Tat Cave”, a Back the Blue tattoo shop in the North Side operated by “Kidd” John Carr, who posts vile racism from the facebook group Back the Blue Chicagoland, and sells disgustingly tacky pro-cop shirts, check that out here



Organized by FOP – that’s “friends of Paul’ referring to Paul Jendrycki, above, not the Fraternal Order of Pigs, the CPD #notaunion.

This is a rolling rally, w tentative rallies scheduled at this intersection weekly on Saturdays 12-4ish.


Kevin aka hvac_tech meets up with his buddy Brian Kraemer, above, who is a ‘former’ Proud Boy. Brian tells Kevin that there was an altercation earlier involving a BLMer. They join with this Poor Boy and a couple other Trump bootboy wannabes and post up on the corner and talk shit about ‘all the antifa’ on the other side of the street. Kevin makes a move and says, “im gonna take my MAGA hat off and leave my sign and just go over there see what happens. If it gets rowdy, it make good content.” Omen #1.

This chud in the red MAGA hat white shirt flannel and khakis wearing glasses holding a Trump Rambo banner is a PB, as you will see his shit eating grin again…

Their street corner proclamations with each other during the rally are so goddamn cringy. I hate myself for sitting through this shit. Some gems:

Brian –“hey you see that? that rainbow flag, that’s the Pedophilia flag”

“See if a civil war arises, it’ll be good because i’ll be one of the commanders. Ill be in the top 20 commanders. But i’ll get a job in the prison. Like a prison camp, ill be a guard for the antifa’s and commies captured.”

“And then one of us went over to the other side of the street and one of the BLMers got into his face and he punched one of them, and got away with it. The cop just did nothing”

“Liberal arts will kill you. Studying philosophy will kill you. Naval gaze on your own time”

“Theres a lot of misconceptions about the wild west. There were black white and mexican cowboys”

Brian also mentions getting doxxed by antifa in the city, but he is actually totally lying for clout. Weird flex, but ok.


At this point one of the them in the rasta hoodie goes over the the BLM side…nothing seems to happen except the police get nervous. Then guy comes back and the cops tell the crazed out Proud Boys “not to go over anymore or they may be arrested” Kevin AKA hvac_tech says “For what?” Omen #2, the last omen, as he and Brian drove over to the other side of the street to film the BLM protest all annoyingly, which lasted only a few minutes before some counterprotesters got in his face and allegedly threw his phone down, ending his live-stream.

He later restarts the video, still on the BLM side surrounded by cops, claiming he was punched by a BLMer, but the cops didn’t give a shit about what he had to say. Kevin asked if he was detained and the pigs say “just like fuck off and stay on your side of the street” Then the footage ends again. He was arrested by cops for disorderly disorder, for starting a fight. He is released and goes to ANOTHER rally the very next day.


Illinois Patriots Caravan and Rally

This is another ‘rolling rally” as they have caravans / rallies weekly. Although the locations change, the flyer remains the same.

Here Kevin AKA hvac_tech again heads to the rally, the morning after he claims he was arrested.

But here he is met with hostility on his own side. Jimmy Bolf, blue life chud#1, that PB who was in Schaumburg the previous day along with Brian circle the livestreamer up and basically confront him about his videos being used to help dox them. It’s wildly amusing how paranoid they get that they have to check each other. They eventually said “its cool bro, but just know you are making people around here very nervous”

Jimmy Bolf

This rumor was apparently started by Em Cahill, who was also in attendance at this rally, also livestreaming, and had a couple people take Kevin aside to check him again.

Check out 1776 chud in the background, taking pictures and using freaking binoculars to scout the BLM rally across the street.

Both Em and Kevin were fraternizing with this LARGE GROUP OF PROUD BOYS (and girls), in full PB black and gold colors, and who were apparently running security for this event. They hung with them upon arriving in the parking lot,

We see these two PB’s in sunglasses before, as they frequent Back the Blue rallies in regular ass BTB fash garb – “Creepy Eyes” The one in the gold and black ‘Fred Perry’ polo is extremely aggressive towards counter-protesters, in true PB style, as he was just a few weeks back in Palatine, and a month ago in Jefferson Park, but he is 43 and rumored to hang with Remy Del Toro, also a PB. Looks like the woman with him is also a Proud Boy….altho women are not technically allowed to be in the fraternity, cuz its sexist AF in addition to being a white supremacist violent right wing gang, designated as such by the SPLC.
PalatineJefferson Park

We see the Proud Boys later in the rally too.

Heres that first PB, hanging with Remy at the Rittenhouse rally, and also the Jefferson Park Pig Fest

Here he is in Jefferson Park with Ashley from BTB Events and the other PB chud
Here he is with Remy del Toro(center), who is the leader of Chicago Chapter of the Proud Boys. They are at the “FREE KYLE” rally organized by IGOT

Jimmy Bolf, Remy Del Toro, ??? at IGOT.

The infamous White Power 3 finger salute, that they claim is an “OK” sign. Doesn’t really seem to be a whole lot of melanin in this crowd at all, despite what PB’s claim that they are a diverse and definitely not a racist gang.

Always some fucking 3percenter in the crowd, this one brought a dog.


They also had a merch table – where they were selling a pile of confederate flag knives. SMH.


The caravan lead driver talks , they sing a few unspirited bars from national anthem, then they are off! Maskless Trump Zombies, to your cars!

While the caravan is off driving around, Brian loudly muses about his role in the upcoming civil war with Kevin and Em Cahill and a couple others.

Brian says “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” “This Civil war? There will be more guerilla style battles. Like in the cities, but the militias won’t come into the city, instead they’ll shut down the power grid cut em off, stop the food from coming in, specially in the winter they’ll have to surrender. They’re gonna have to come fight in the suburbs. It’s gonna be like Yugoslavia, like the balkans, like they will be safe in the city but if they come to the suburbs, the rural areas, they’ll be outnumbered 10-1.”

Here this chud again proclaims he aspires to be a guard in the civil war.

“Well, i have a bad knee so my militia said they’re gonna have me in charge of the prisons, like the war criminals, antis and commies. I’m like, oh yeah let me do it.”

“They’re gonna surrender. They won’t have food, and without power they will be cold, and which is good cuz winter is right after the election. And you know how many members we got in motorcycle gangs? They’ll want to loot the suburbs but they wont.”


Whether this is just bravado from a twisted suburban militia wannabe or someone part of an organization discussing prolonged battle tactics against “the city” is a question that warrants further investigation into the types gathering at these Patriot events.


More conspiracy cringe from Brian

“Did you hear my brother in law works at pentagon, have me a q shirt and I asked is q real, and he said yes,and I’m like are you in it and he says I can’t tell you that. He just had cover. He was fine tho. Even had respiratory problems.” Kevin replied “They should make the vaccine from Trumps DNA, and the lefties will have to get it, now they have some trump in you. He’s got a new steroid that’s helping him he’s gonna legalize it what’s it called Restoritan, Yeah Restoritan”

“Remember that meme with that woman giving us the double middle finger and getting into a fender bender? That was here, last week. I was there. I was talking to some proud boys and then it just happened right in front of us”

While this was going on, right in front of Kevin, Em was frantically checking her phone trying to gather more info on him from his twitch videos. Apparently she deduced that he was a BLM double agent, and again called him out on her wild theory.

Em Cahill of Protest the Protesters was particularly paranoid about people getting doxxed at this event, odd considering she livestreamed the event as well….but DIDN’T include any scenes with the Proud boys. Above you can see her chatting with their group before the rally. She may have been protecting them.

Em Cahill accused HVAC of being on the BLM and Antifa side in protests, in Kenosha and in Chicago. They both claim to have livestreamed in Kenosha.

Em and others are so worked up that Kevin quipped at her “What are you worried about, thought-crime? What is this 1984?”

Kevin left uneventfully but disheartened by the lack of solidarity at the event. “I guess there’s crazy people on both sides” He just without fanfare or goodbyes to anyone, just sauntered off by himself. He ended his stream, and disappeared from the internet for the time being….

…but not until we reviewed his footage from Sep 16th in Jefferson Park, where he was oggling “trump girls” and making extremely creepy comments. He also was at the front line, across from the counterprotest organized by Party for Socialism and Liberation, yelling ridiculous offensive shit(see our previous post)

Bottom line – Proud Boys are coming out – and they have been coming to these BTB rallys and hiding in plainclothes, BTB gear or in their black and gold colors. They were at this event organized by Illinois Patriots, so be on the look out, friends and comrades, if you see them – its about to get ugly!!