Well it’s full-on infection season, err, pardon, Election season. And these blue lifers are coming out in hordes supporting their dying boi, who through his own selfish ignorance and disregard for the health of everyone around him, hosted a super-spreader event to celebrate a supreme court justice he was rushing in despite all modicums of political normality and respect, a justice he needed to win the supreme court as he blatantly plans on stealing the election through his war on mail-in and absentee ballots. I mean, its so comical, the Most Powerful Man on Earth, could not protect those around him because he could not put a mask on. It is our prediction that catching coronavirus will seriously shorten Trump’s life span and hurt his election chances, first obviously because he caught karma like a lying fool he is, but also because his fans value the appearance of strength, which he will be struggling to project in coming weeks, no matter how many drugs they use to prop up his empty husk of a body.

But while we are celebrating the miserable collapse of his toxic infested white house in real-time, let us not forget what his plans were before catching the virus. If / when Trump steals the election in a fascist coup, and refuses to leave the white house, and calls upon the #ArmyforTrump and the Proud Boys, an openly violent right-wing and brazenly white supremacist gang, and all the other militia ilk….3 Percenters, Boogaloo….Blue Lifers like Kyle Rittenhouse will be ready to be there to protect what Trump will take. But because we’re in the midst of a full-blown uprising, with unprecedented and unrelenting protests the norm since George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and Antifascists are more than ready to mobilize in mass numbers should Trump try any fuckery. We don’t just have the numbers in the streets, we have strength at the jobsite too. We call for a general strike and it’d be over for the Trump coup. Mass refusal – grind this country to a halt.

While Trump struggles to breath, other mouth-breathers in the Chicago suburbs have coming out in troves to support the death rattles of a dying dictator.

There are multiple protests each weekend day in the burbs, where its mostly just old farts waving trump flags. But this recent one in Palatine 10-4-2020 (LOL) is worth looking at. The usual bunch of Back the Blue wackadoos got a little spicy when two…how shall i say this…Two darlings from the BLM side of the street (naturally there was a counterprotest) walked to and through the trumpie side of the street, much to the immense dismay of the blue lifers. Our guys were civil, peaceful, non-confrontational; the perfect leftie trolls to the angry and demoralized Trumpies. Some of them claim to be tolerant and capable of peaceful discussion or debate. they claim they can hang. But no, the BLMers were met with extreme hostility the entire time, despite the two sweeties speaking peacefully and never exhibiting any sort of aggressive body language at all. These blue lifers lost their shit on these brave counterprotesters. Trumpies surrounded them full circle, and for a full hour, yelled homophobic and misogynistic slurs at the comrades, who stood their ground and calmly taking pictures of the whole thing.

We have been tipped off that some of these fucks are Proud Boys. So when Trump called out at the debates for PB to stand by, here they are, “defending” the trump rally from two random counter-protesters. To nobody’s surprise, the blue lifer / trumpies don’t seem to mind at all rolling with members of a violent white supremacist gang . These idiots fell for the trap – all they did was expose who their more aggressive elements were. These are their hitters. Now we have all their faces – and soon we’ll have their names.

We can’t wait to see what our comrades do with their pictures, but in the meantime, Trump Troll Extraordinairre Emily Cahill aka Protest the Protesters FB livestreamed it of course. Here are some pics

Roadside Trump Zombies


Notable attendees:

This loudmouth aggro individual has been to many BTB rallies with the IGOT and BTB crew, usually hangs on the front line and acts real tough. And he usually keeps his face pretty well hidden. But, all these pug ugly republicans cant keep their masks on for too long. Here is his mug. Oh did i mention he is rumored to be a Proud Boy? If your so proud, show your PB tat hmm?

Here he is looking like a straight up uniformed blue life fascist bootboy. I wonder how he dresses on his day off. Here he is at  the pig rally in Jefferson park couple weeks ago, and his mask slipped off for an even better view of his ugly mug.

This guy is reputed to also be a proud boy. He acted all tough and aggro as well. But he is just flesh and bones and hot air my friends. His crew had to hold him back cuz he was losing his shit. Notice he has a tattoo, on the right side of his neck, we think its a Chinese letter or symbol.

Two Chicago area Proud Boys. Or wannabes. We’ll find out.

Em Cahill – She basically tried filming the counter-protesters, trying to find out info by spying on their phones, yelling out names of people who made a call, trying to identify class rings and shit. Sounds like she’s getting wise to the norms of doxx culture, although it is disturbing the readiness she is willing to put personal information about people on blast. Just cause she herself is a loudmouth who wants everyone to know her name, doesn’t mean everyone does.

Here is Em in a leather jacket trolling a Refuse Fascism event at Federal Plaza the previous day. She went by herself to a protest against Trump, holding a Women for Trump flag. Well, she got her ass yelled out pretty quick and her flag ripped from her icy fingers, all on her livestream. Then she complained to the pigs, but they said she was “trying to instigate.” and should just leave. See? Even the pigs don’t support you doing that shit. But this is her MO: she LOVES going to BLM related protests and trolling people: she lives for the drama. Most of the couple hundred cretins who regularly view her livestream are garden variety racists, but this video of her getting her ass handed to her at the rally made it to the youtube channel of Natasha Veronique Devine, of Fightwing, a known racist skin and avid MAGA fascist. It is believed that her and her partner Jason Andrew Devin eare the people ran the twitter Antifa_dox, who recently doxxed some Chicago folk in the activist scene. While it is not known how deep the connection is between Em and Natasha, fascists support what she is doing, and she is totally OK with a fascist putting a WANTED sign on people she livestreamed at the event. Her buddy buddy attitude towards out and out racists, gun nuts, and fascists, combined with her willingness to goto as many BTB and BLM rallies as possible, SOMETIMES dressed up like a ‘BLM protester’ means that she is a face you ought to remember and watch out for.

And here is Carl Arriaza of Illinois Gun Owners Together acting a tough guy. His pig loving brethren had to hold his crazy ass back as he safely chased counter-protesters back from behind the pigs. He is a foaming at the mouth wingnut at every rally he ever goes to, he gets in the face of every counterprotester and is a grown ass bully manchild. We cover this guy extensively in previous posts, but we got so much to say about this fuck. He has harassed people who were doxxed by Antifa_dox on twitter, even to the point of visiting addresses in the city and taking pictures of houses to intimidate people. He also sent Antifa_dox information about comrades, who in turn, posted it, making him an accomplice to racist skinhead MAGA fascists. It’s quite possible he may try to stake out protests too. We got more on this sad sack later. But heres his fucking truck.

This old ass veteran was also foaming at the mouth.

The guy on the right, with the beard and silly hat, has been seen at the Blue Lifer rally at the Mag Mile, claiming he was just observing. He thinks he can blend in if he wears black. But now we know he’s a trumpie.

Jimmy Bolf – Cmon, ya Trump Chump, hang with people your own age, you age traitor.

Ashley Ramos on the left, trying to keep the peace amidst Proud Boys.

James Andrews, telling the Proud Boys to chill the fuck out.

Can’t have a Trump rally without at least one racist flag. They know its not electable, but they cannot help themselves.
Some other loser in an IGOT shirt.

Even the elderly like getting into people’s faces.


From a distance, this is what the group of aggro BTB and Proud Boys look like when they surround our two darling counter-protesters.

Lastly, here are the two organizers. Gross, gross, gross. Someone come get your racist aunt n uncle.

This is the BLM counter-protest across the street. Brave of them to stand in opposition to such a dangerous group of nutjobs.


These type of roadside Trump protests will likely continue until the election, the coup, or until 45 dies, whichever happens first. If you have any info or any other sightings of these individuals, get in touch w us