Since their imprisoned hero Kyle Rittenhouse fired what may be remembered as the first shots of a civil war, supporters of vigilates, militias, and the pigs are coming out full force against what they call “the Marxist BLMers and Antifa domestic terrorists”. They are rallying more often, and with greater numbers. This isn’t just the usual election season hype: their organizers truly believe they may be called upon for Trump to take action, and are organizing and preparing for something like a civil or a race war. The frequency of these rallies, their rising numbers, and the increasing gusto of these blue lifers indicates that shit can literally pop off at any moment at these rallies. This is a reportback of recent activity of the Chicagoland Back the Blue movement, the counterinsurgency to the uprising for Black Lives and the would-be boots on the ground grassroot forces of Trumpism.



a sea of yt faces

Jefferson Park in Chicago was invaded by perhaps 800-1000 trumpies and bootlickers to rally for the pigs. This was by far the largest gathering of the fascist cop right in Chicago in recent memory. They had a group of bikers, they sold silly cop tshirts, it was basically like a dad rock fascist concert, scary gross dudes everywhere. The entire Proud Boys Schaumburg headed by Remy del Toro was in attendance. There was a sizeable counterprotest organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and  despite some near scuffles, no violence seems to have broken out.

Their chants:

Go back to school! – CPS SUCKS! – GO GET A JOB – Commie scum! – I don’t speak commie! – “Losers”

When the counterprotesters yelled “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, their crowd chanted “GO BACK TO WORK”,

The last one is particularly telling about what this is all about. These racists want Black people, who disproportionately compose the working class, to continue serving them with haircuts, tending bars restaurants-its about maintaining the status-quo. It also telling about their covid denialism: while coronavirus is still wrecking the country with a vaccine nowhere in sight, these trumpie / blue lifers are truly showing their hypocrisy when it comes to serving and protecting. Here are about 1000 people, mostly maskless, not social distancing, probably spreading covid everywhere. They will say that BLM protests are amassing thousands, but the difference is that the 99% of the time, BLM protesterswear mask and distribute sanitizer.

Here’s a classic move in the fashy playbook: the Blue Lifers were waving flags in peoples facing, trying to provoke a reaction, and when one on our side reacts in defense, the cops swoop in and arrest the counterprotesters, while the antagonizing blue lifers laugh.

First up at the podium was “Deacon” Mancow, speaking from the heart. He literally said that the protesters are evil and possess dark energy and the good guys will win because they have God on their side. “We win, God Wins, Satan is laughing”. He also read from a bible, a fitting passage for the moment – “Rulers do not bear the sword for no reason; they are gods servants who bring wrath and punishment to the wrongdoers” full speech here(starts @ 23 minutes)


FOP union boss John Catanzara spoke, holding a GIANT blue lives flag(compensating?). This month, the Fraternal Order of Police formally endorsed Trump. Unfortunately we haven’t seen any footage of his speech if anyone has that footage anywhere(send it our way if you do), But we did catch him candidly harassing a protester, as he always does, by holding a “CATANZARA FOR MAYOR” sign, and asking for their vote, “Baby”. “I’m coming for you Lori(lightfoot).:(see our twitter for this vid)” He was pissed off about the cities offer for a 10% increase in pay for CPD over the next four years, because it included an extensive condition about police accountability. Of course John doesn’t want accountability, he is always pissed that his cops can’t do more against the protesters. Their next move is to try to win over alderpeople and focus on elections to replace those that are not friendly with the union. “We’re going to see who wants the friendly police and who doesn’t,” Catanzara said.

Notable attendees:

Em Cahill – Protest the Protester on facebook

This trump troll can be seen from a mile away, as she dresses quite gaudy and has bright hair, althogh she changes her hair color frequently(currendly blonde). She livestreamed everything from this event. She LOVES hassling BLM protesters, and according to her FB was looking forward to annoying the counterprotesters. However, it’s a double edged sword, because she is so loose with her phone she will film BTB supporters, a great source of information. She has even included conversations between organizers and other pieces in the checker game that is their movement. Em Cahill was even COUGHING into a megaphone at the counterprotesters. This is biological warfare. Hilariously she says “IF YOU DO THE CRIME< YOU GOTTA DO THE TIME” when she has active meth / gun cases this year. What a bootlicker.


For example, she ‘interviewed’ Jeff Muehlfelder, running for 19th district Illinois State Representative, speaking on the 5150 NW Hwy Affordable Housing development across from the BTB rally, who said “These projects-this low income housing-It will bring crime to the neighborhood, and we’re against it. We don’t want it here” Classist racist POS.

Anthony Beckman was also strolling by and ‘interviewed’ by Em Cahill. We got more on him on our Who’s Who of Back the Blue post. He’s a former Swat Team leader and is running for senate in the 10th district. He was murmering to Em Protest the Protester about how our freedoms, especiall religious freedoms, are violated by Pritzker’s mask and lockdown orders.  “Law and order, civility, protection of capitalism, this is the way to go. Not crime not domestic terrorism, not chaos, not defunding or dismantling to police. People want stability, boom, money, no more protesters, rioters, looters” Fuck this arse.


WILD poster. This event in Schaumburg drew over a hundred blue lifers and trumpies. Dont tread on me flags. There was a counterprotest, in fact, a comrade walked by and flicked the whole crowd off, and was arrested for disorderly conduct. When he was arrested, it was disgusting to watch the large crowd of trumpies get off to the site of a black man getting arrested. They were yelling, screaming, their ‘level headed’ organizers had to hold em all back from attacking the dude.
They set Bar Louie as the location for their protest, but the owner and manager made it clear they did not want the protest to cause any problems in the rally. But Em Cahill was calling the owners racist, who was a person of color, for not allowing their crowd in. I will say their crowd was white as all hell, and i would be nervous if a crowd like that was around. But the managers said no such thing and just reiterated that the he did not want Trumpies on their property (good for them). Upon this news, Em tried to get her followers to call in Bar Louie and make orders for her, and her crowd continues to disrespect a business and walk all over the property, the parking lot, looking for counterprotesters. Damn they are scared of us. Later she made a creepy video hiding on the counterprotester side of the st and filmed them, and talked about them, why they wouldnt come over and talk to her.

Ashley Em


note the “don’t tread on me flag”

Back the Blue did an outdoor rally / fundraiser, to host Ann Dorn, the widow of a cop who is claimed was killed by ‘looters’. Ann Dorn spoke at the RNC a a speech likely to garner an emotive response, especially to the fearful suburban white women who are already willing to believe narratives about dangerous and violent protesters. What complicates the narrative is that her husband, David Dorn, DID NOT support Trump or his policies, and according to his and Ann’s daughters, would never have supported the politicization of his death, or have his name used at all by Republicans. Lisa Dorn and Debra White spoke out against the narrative that their mother was pushing for the political end of demonizing the uprising.

At this rally, captured by troll livestreamer Protest the Protester page, Ann Dorn had said “They are teaching marxism in school – we need take back control of our schools, because marxist terrorists taking over the country. We need to maintain our freedoms. the Silent Majority needs to stand up. Enough is enough, we’re done.”

Tavern on the Point, a new bar that opened as soon as was permittable in the Covid era, who has been recomended in BTB forums, donated all the food the the rally. So if your in Edison Park, whatever you do, DO NOT go to Tavern On The Point.


September 13th – “Back the Blue / TRUMP 2020 Rally / Car Caravan in Des Plaines” fb event page

What looked like a pretty large pretty boring american/bluelive/trump flag type situation, wasn’t entirely uneventful. Carl Arriaza, Em Cahill and Richard Poisso were filming people who were counter-protesting. The BTB trolls aggressively approached them as if some shit was about to go down, and proceeded to photo their license plates as they were in their cars and told them to fuck off. Heres a few photos: a Karen with a ‘don’t tread on me flag’, one guy with a white supremacist 3 Percenter shirt on, the racist shirt company Warrior XII,
  Em Cahill Warrior XII is a deeply racist clothing company
Jimmy Bolf and Carl Arriaza


More in Chicago

More on Sep 16th – there was a Justice for Darius Washington march in Chicago heights, which started at the copshop and went to city hall, where a large group rallied and chalked for hours, before some bottles were thrown and a ruckus ensued for a brief moment, before heading back for more speeches and a dance party.  the PLP had participated in this rally.

Sep 16th is also the Mexican Independence day. In Chicago, there was a huge youth-led rally in support of the Little Village commercial district, where a push for gentrification is being waged by Alderman Cardenas. Various developers are trying to end the Mini Mall at the Arch, a source of income for many Mexican families for generations, and have put forth a plan for corporate and high income businesses like Starbucks and L.A. Fitness. They already have a Panda Express on the block, which often services guards at nearby Cook County Jail. Back the Blue is actually going to Little Village on the 26th to go ahead and try and rally.




Outside of Chicago, on the national stage, Back the Blue is much more militant. In Portland, the uprising continues, and next Saturday, a huge Proud Boy’s rally has been called, claiming it will be 10x bigger than ever before (again, compensating?).

Proud Boys are everywhere in the country, they are a white supremacist gang, who commit violence on BLM and related activists. In Chicago, they have connections to James Andrews in Back the Blue, and at their rallys, various militia-garbed individuals are seen, with 2nd amendment imagery. 3 Percenters are also seen at their rallys. We will be watching for local activity on this date. In fact, Back the Blue is hosting a ‘Community Rally’ in Little Village on the same date as this Portland Proud Boys Rally.


A nurse whistleblower, Dawn Wooten, revealed to the world about a ‘gynecologist’ Mahendra Amin allegedly performing hysterectomies on multiple women without their consent at an ICE detention center. Furthering the project of genocide on native people’s and people of color in this country. He has been dubbed the uterus collecter.

AG Bill Barr also said he wants to prosecute protesters with federal Sedition charges, which is a charge used on people who are seen as trying to overthrow the government.

A whistleblower from the White House also came forward with information stating that DC Metro Police were considering using a ‘microwave heat ray’ to use on protesters, a weapon deemed ‘too reckless to use in war zones’. Also they were considering deploying the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) which is a sound cannon that can burst eardrums and cause long lasting damage. This was for the Trump Bible photo op, in case you forgot. They also got taser shields now, which may be neutralized with water saturated w baking soda. These are just some of the tools in the fascist pigs toolbox that they are willing to use.